Application for 2024-2025 Secondary One to Secondary Five

S1 -S5 Admission

Application Period

8th July – 12th July 2024

Distribution of Application Forms

Parents/Applicants may obtain application forms and relevant information by:

– coming in person to the school

– clicking here to download

Parents / An authorized person may return the application forms and the relevant documents to the School Office in person during working hours within the period (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday)

** Personal information will be retained for so long as it is necessary for the processing of admission application. Upon the completion of the process, we will delete all the personal information collected.


派表及交表日期:2024年7月8日至 2024年7月12日

派表地點   :本校校務處(或按此下載申請表格

收表地點   :本校校務處(家長可親自或授權他人交回申請表格及相關文件)


** 所收集的個人資料只限用於本校處理2024年入學申請。完成程序後,有關資料將會銷毀。